Here's what Keystone can help you with:


Three adverts in local paper, waiting list of tenants, contacts, details in office window


Organise, perform, filter suitable tenants


Both tenants and their Guarantors (if applicable) are vetted on their ability to pay or support the payment of the rent.


Assured Shorthold Tenancy are used unless we are specifically instructed otherwise.


Hand over keys with a spare set coded and secured in our office (if required).


Housing Benefit claims (H.B.), If applicable, we ensure forms are filled in correctly, all information H.B. Office requires is provided, we take the claim to H.B. Office and discuss it with H.B. Officers.


On the date of occupation we will accompany the tenants to the property to:

  • Familiarise them with the property, i.e. location of stop taps, fuse box, operation of central heating system.
  • Take gas/electric meter readings.
  • Advise them of their responsibility with regards to council tax, water, bins, utility bills etc.
  • Compile and agree an inventory with the tenant and any special instructions from the landlord.
  • Take photographs of the property.


The Tenancy Agreement and associated information is handed back to the Landlord together with an online file transfer containing pictures of the property, the keys and the tenants first months rent and deposit. Once this information is handed over, our involvement in this property ends and the landlord manages it from that point onwards.

It is up to the landlord to register the tenant’s deposit with an approved Tenant Deposit Scheme. We can provide advice on the types of Tenant Deposit Scheme that is available if required.


Please be advised that a landlord cannot give notice that he is repossessing the property at the end of the tenancy until he has protected the deposit and told the tenant how it is protected (Dept. Communities and Local Government).

For any queries, questions or advice please do not hesitate to get in touch